The Woman, the Energy and the Dance

“The Woman, the Energy and the Dance”

Much has been written and said about women, especially in the last 100 years, due to the struggle for gender equality and the redefinition of her identity. This entry into all spheres of the “male world” begins to change the maxim that the man is the One – legible, transparent, close, and that the Woman is the Other – foreign, incomprehensible, mystical. I don’t know if you realize it, but right now male nature is destabilizing. The man is in crisis. An identity crisis. Because of the woman’s change, he has to redefine himself, and we see more and more varieties of the man – the metropolitan man, the gay man, the tomboy, the gentle man, etc.

This is not the man’s first identity crisis. But what happens to women? Is the identity crisis not at a deeper level this time? Man, the individual in general?

We have observed in recent years how later and later couples tie the knot and start a family. And invariably the answer is: “I’m not ready yet, I need more time.” It is as if the individual and personal development are becoming more important than family and tribal ties. My theory is that part of the reason an individual seeks more time, be it a woman or a man, is that they are subconsciously aware that they are short on Energy.

Living in this dynamic world, hectic, due to great stress, worry and other emotions, we gradually use up our basic life energy and reduce our sexual, creative energy. Negative feelings drain our vitality and rob us of our sexual energy, being responsible for the loss of 50 to 60% of our life force. Thus, we no longer have enough energy to develop our higher spiritual needs.

Most people look at negative energy as “throw away energy”, but negative energy and sex energy are still part of our life energy. We can release, not throw away, negative energy and transform it into positive life force. We can increase and transform into life force also sexual energy.

At birth, each of us receives a large amount of Basic Energy – Jing, as the Taoists call it. Jing energy is contained in eggs, sperm and kidneys, supports sexual activity and is transformed into vital energy – Qi, needed by the organs. Sexual energy (creative energy) is the only one that can be doubled, tripled, increased. Therefore, it is sexual energy that we can transform back into Basic energy. Thus we have much more energy available to transform into Qi. Qi, in turn, turns into another type of energy called Shen. Shen means spiritual energy.

The ancient Taoists observed that when we store and restore lost basic energy we prolong life qualitatively by improving our health on a physical and spiritual level.

There is a channel in our body that when it is fully opened, energy can freely circulate throughout the body, thereby removing various energy blockages that lead to disease and to a faster depletion of our main energy, which is life itself . When it runs out, life leaves the body. To slow down this process, we can learn to rotate our energy by using the sexual energy, increasing it and transforming it back into Core energy and life force. So we can direct it to the organs, glands, brain, bone marrow, as well as use it for spiritual purposes. In this way, we rejuvenate, become healthier, more resilient and, last but not least, we can have more fulfilling intimate contact with our partners. It’s not how often, but how well, right?

And since the topic is “woman, energy and dance”, I want to emphasize that everything said up to this point also applies to men. And yet, due to their physiological differences, as well as the gift of creating new life, there are specifics in working with feminine energy.

During my life I have touched different types of energy practices, martial arts, dance and music. All of them help us work freely with the flow of energies. There is much in common between Tai Chi Quan, Qi Gong, alchemical Tao, Oriental and African dances. What I have found is that all of them, in addition to working with energy and helping to transform and multiply it, they do so by using primarily circular and spiral movements that put us in a state of Active Meditation. So naturally for me an energetic complex of exercises appeared, which unites them in a synthesis.

There are different types of arts, practices and lifestyles to help us transform our mind and body for a better quality of life. Dance is an art form closely related to music. Dance is also a form of active meditation, through which we can unite spirit and body and transform sexual energy into life force.

When I met the Egyptian dance – RAQS SHARQI, which means Eastern dance, known in the West mostly as Belly Dance, I was captivated. I always talk about Evelina Papazova, who literally made me hold my breath with a single sigh of hers. He showed us how the whole dance can be danced with one sigh. I felt how you can completely relax into what is inside you. Completely. In that sigh there was naturalness, beauty, sharing, individuality, femininity, strength, everything all at once.

RAQS SHARQI. The Arabic word “rax” and the Turkish “rakkase” are derived from the Assyrian “rakkadu”, which means “to celebrate”. Oriental dances are truly a celebration. They are an ancient art whose homeland is Egypt. At their roots is the worship of the Mother Goddess and the woman who is blessed to give life. They were performed for fertility and to prepare women for an easy birth, including during the birth itself. There are many circles and vibrations in the movements, depicting namely birth, contractions, nursing, the connection with the divine, the connection between heaven and earth, the expression of the feminine essence and the fluttering of the feminine heart. Dance with bare feet for greater sensitivity and work with all muscle groups. It is no coincidence that oriental dances help with fertility, childbirth and recovery of the body afterwards. These dances were performed by women for women and passed down from mother to daughter. Over time, they entered social life and were performed for entertainment during celebrations. Later, there were female dancers in harems who entertained the palace, but who also had quite a lot of freedom, were well-read, had access to books, wrote poetry, played instruments, etc. In the Arab world, however, it has long been considered indecent to dance in public and in front of men. Even now, being a dancer there is considered quite liberated behavior.

Today’s dances are quite influenced by the West and in particular by ballet, since the Egyptian masters, men who came to the West were mostly professional dancers and ballet dancers, who at some point in search of uniqueness, in the Western market economy, began to teach Oriental dances – belly dance. Therefore, in modern oriental dances, in modern versions, there are many turns, half fingers, arabesque, ballet hands, etc. The costume used today is also a product of western influence and therefore the abdomen is often exposed to better see the movements.

And now, let’s dive directly into the wilds of Arabic rhythms and infuse life force for health, flexibility, happiness and last but not least, more femininity and a better intimate life.

Welcome to a journey through the wilds of your own essence, with “Energy complex and dances from the east and south” 🙂

Author: Veronica de Boor

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