Oriental Dances – Bellydance



Do you want to touch the Oriental dances?
Oriental dances are beautiful, magnetic and awaken our sensibility and sense of self in a magical way.
Come to dances and exercises to connect with your body and your specific energy!

Body care

We dance barefoot, you can add a belt (scarf) for the waist.
There is something very common between Oriental dances, Tai Chi Quan, Qi Gong and alchemical Tao. They work with energy and help to transform and multiply it, using mainly circular and spiral movements that put us in a state of active meditation. It is an energetic complex of exercises that unites them in a synthesis.


It flexes the joints, strengthens the muscles of the whole body, improves blood circulation, relieves the back and spine, strengthens the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor, and supports proper breathing and deeper sleep.

Vital energy

Here you can get a little more information about life energy, dance, woman and what it is that connects them: https://www.facebook.com/notes/3718520838172616/


My name is Veronika and I have been involved in dancing and music since I was very young. I have trained sports dances (ballroom and Latin American), with Simeon Simeonov – one of the first teachers and founders of sports dances in Bulgaria and an international judge.
I practiced Tai Chi Quan and Xin-Yi-Quan under Dr. Dorian Alexandrov, one of the founders of the Wu-Shu Federation in Bulgaria, later I practiced Qi Gong and Wing Chun under different Sifuts. I have danced salsa, bachata, modern ballet and Afrocubana with Raul Torres. I play the piano and the clarinet, I have been involved in singing and acting, and in recent years I have had the opportunity to touch Yoga, various African dances and Taoist energy practices.
I have been studying oriental dances since 2007, when I was discovered and enchanted by the face of Evelina Papazova and one of her sighs, which brought all the femininity of this fabulous dance into my heart. At that time, I was dancing salsa with Raul Torres, and it was at Studio Tropicana that I met Evelina, and then Boyana Petrova. I have also studied with Dr. Gamal Seif, Tito Seif, Randa Kamel, Ibrahim El Suezi, Leila, Prince Kayamer, Momo Kadus, Mohamed Ghazafi, Mahdi Emara, Nruadin Gad, Khaled Mahmoud, Mercedes Nieto, Osama Mimi, Aurena, Christina Derkach , rhythms with Khaled Badawi, Isis, Jana Komarnitska, Dr. Olesia Baglai, Dr. Milena Davidova, with her I felt for the first time the metaphysical part of dance and others.

Energy complex

I have always been interested in people, the human spirit, the human body, the flow of energies, and in recent years I have become increasingly interested in women and female energy, their social and historical role, sexuality and parenting.
During my pregnancy and after giving birth, I developed a complex of exercises, a combination of Tai Chi Quan techniques, Qi Gong, Oriental dances and alchemical Tao, specifically aimed at working with female energy. What unites them? The circles, the spirals, the active meditation.

I am waiting for you!

This energy complex is cleansing, energizing, rejuvenating and can help us connect with our femininity and specific energy. Come to connect on a deeper level with yourself ♥

Belly dances for beginners and intermediates:

Live and  Online Worldwide via Zoom

Access is with a password, please write to me in private or in WhatsApp +359888625765
Individual lessons can be booked in advance (BGN 60/hour)

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